File formats that PictView can export

BMP - MS Windows Bitmap, including compressed
BMP - OS/2 Bitmap
BW - Black-and-White images in SGI Image file format
CEL - Autodesk Animator still picture
CUT - Dr. Halo/Dr.Genius Clipboard Format
DIB - MS Windows Device Independent Bitmap, including compressed
GIF - Compuserve Interchange File Format, including GIF87 and GIF89
ICO - MS Windows Icons
IFF - Amiga Interchange File Format
JFF - JPEG File Format
JIF - JPEG File Interchange Format
LBM - Amiga Interchange File Format, Interleaved Bitmap
PBM - Portable Bitmap
PCX - PC PaintBrush
PIC - PC Paint/Pictor, including HiColor
PIC - Dr. Halo/Dr. Genius
PGM - Portable GrayMap
PNM - Portable Any Bitmap
PPM - Portable PixelMap
RAS - Raster SunMicrosystems
RGB - TrueColor (RGB) Images in SGI File Format
RLE - Compressed MS Windows BMP
RLE - Compressed Images in SGI File Format
RLE - Compressed Intergraph Raster images, bilevel only
RLE - Utah RunLength Encoded
SCx - ColorRIX
SGI - SGI Image File Format
TGA - TrueVision Targa
TIFF- Tagged Interchange File Format, including HiColor 15bit