File formats that PictView for Windows can import

82I - Texas Instruments TI82 Calculator images
83I - Texas Instruments TI83 Calculator images
85I - Texas Instruments TI85 Calculator images
86I - Texas Instruments TI86 Calculator images
89I - Texas Instruments TI89 Calculator images
92I - Texas Instruments TI92 Calculator images
ANI - MS Windows Animated cursor
ARW - Sony digital camera Raw format, preview only
AWD - At Work Document: Microsoft Fax
BLP - World of Warcraft Texture
BMI - Zoner Bitmap
BMP - MS Windows Bitmap, including compressed and HiColor
BMP - OS/2 Bitmap
BW - Black-and-White images in SGI Image file format
CAL - CALS Raster Type I
CDR - CorelDraw! 2.0 - 13.0, preview and uncompressed imported bitmaps only
CDT - CorelDraw! 2.0 - 13.0 Template, preview and uncompressed imported bitmaps only
CEL - Autodesk Animator Pro animation
CEL - Autodesk Animator still picture
CIT - Intergraph Group 4 Raster
CLK - Corel RAVE, preview only
CLP - MS Windows Clipboard file
CMX - Corel Metafile Exchange 5.0 - 11.0, preview and imported bitmaps only
COT - Intergraph Raster images, 8-bit or TrueColor
CPT - Corel PhotoPaint 6.0
CR2 - Canon digital camera Raw format
CRW - Canon digital camera Raw format, preview only
CUR - MS Windows cursors
CUT - Dr. Halo/Dr.Genius Clipboard Format
DCX - Intel's multipage fax-format
DDS - DirectDraw Surface Texture
DIB - MS Windows Device Independent Bitmap, including compressed
DNG - Adobe Digital Negative
DTX - DirectDraw Texture
EPS - Encapsulated PostScript, preview only
FLC - Autodesk Animator Pro Animation
FLI - Autodesk Animator Animation
GIF - Compuserve Interchange File Format, including animated GIFs
HAM - Amiga Interchange File Format in hardware modes (HAM)
HMR - GeoTIFF, produced by SW by HMR Inc.
HPI - Hemera Photo Images, image data as JPEG and alpha channel as PNG processed as 2 separate images.
HRZ - Slow scan television
ICN - Images from RIPTerm program
ICO - MS Windows Icons, including HiColor and TrueColor
ICO - OS/2 Icons
IFF - Amiga Interchange File Format
IMG - IMG Software Set
IMG - Vivid Raytracer
JFF - JPEG File Format, including Progressive Mode
JIF - JPEG File Interchange Format, including Progressive Mode
JMX - Images from a Tetris game
JPEG - JPEG, including Progressive Mode
JPG - JPEG, including Progressive Mode
LBM - Amiga Interchange File Format, Interleaved Bitmap
MAC - MacPaint
MBM - EPOC Psion Multiple Bitmap
MIL - CALS Raster Type I
MNG - Multiple Network Graphics, first image only
MSP - Microsoft Paint
NEF - Nikon digital camera Raw format, preview only
OFX - OLIFAX fax package
ORF - Olympus digital camera Raw format
PAN - SmoothMove Pan Viewer, preview only
PAT - CorelDraw! 6.0 - 9.0 patterns, preview only
PBM - Portable Bitmap
PC2 - Degas Elite Medium Resolution
PCD - Kodak PhotoCD - Base/16, Base/4 and Base only
PCT - MacIntosh PICT
PCX - PC PaintBrush
PEF - Pentax digital camera Raw format
PGM - Portable GrayMap
PIC - PC Paint/Pictor, including HiColor
PIC - Dr. Halo/Dr. Genius
PNG - Portable Network Graphics
PNM - Portable Any Bitmap
PPM - Portable PixelMap
PSD - Adobe Photoshop, including CMYK
PSP - PaintShop Pro, preview only
PYX - Old Epson scanner format
QFX - Quick Link II Fax file format
RAF - Fuji digital camera Raw format, preview only
RAS - Raster SunMicrosystems
RGB - TrueColor (RGB) Images in SGI File Format
RLE - Compressed MS Windows BMP
RLE - Compressed Images in SGI File Format
RLE - Compressed Intergraph Raster images, bilevel only
RLE - Utah RunLength Encoded
SAM - Images in Text Documents from AmiPro
SCx - ColorRIX
SEP - CMYK Separated Images in TIFF 6.0 File Format
SGI - SGI Image File Format
SKA - Scanned images used in Video renting machines
ST - NeoPaint for DOS thumbnails
STW - NeoPaint for Windows thumbnails
SUN - Raster SunMicrosystems
TGA - TrueVision Targa
TIFF - Tagged Interchange File Format
WBMP - Wireless Bitmap
WEB - CorelXara, preview or 1st embedded bitmap only
WPG - WordPerfect Graphics, raster only
XAR - CorelXara, preview or 1st embedded bitmap only
ZBR - Zoner Zebra for Windows 1.0 - 1.5, preview only
ZMF - Zoner Metafile, preview only
ZNO - Digital journals distributed by, preview only