If you find a bug or an image that PictView has problems with, do not hesitate to send the image to the following address. If possible, convert the image to another format (using PictView) and also attach the converted version.

If you find a systematic error which is not related to any specific image, we will need detailed information about your system an the exact procedure how to reproduce the problem. We need:
a) On which operating system, including its version, do you experience the problem? Can you try PictView on the same computer on another system?
b) What is the CPU type and speed, how much memory is installed on your computer?
c) What type of video adapter do you have? Please download our program VESAMod, it will detect various types of videoadapters and their features. It creates file vesa.dat with the information it discovered. Please send the file to the address shown below.
d) If some display modes work and some do not, please list all the modes that appear after hitting the Space key and indicate which work and which do not.
e) If PictView exits with 'Runtime error', please copy the error number and the address.

You can pack the files before sending using any of ARJ, LHA, RAR, ZIP.

If you wish to be informed about new releases, ask on the address shown below.

You can reach us on the following addresses:

E-mail: support@pictview.com

Post mail: Jan Patera                  
Dejvicka 33
Praha 6
160 00
Czech Republic