ShowJPG, the fastest and smallest DOS-based JPEG-viewer*

ShowJPG has ability of displaying and scrolling in all directions in the decompression time! Have you ever seen something like this?

Baseline JPEG
Progressive Mode JPEG
JFIF, Raw JPEG, and MacBinary JPEG
Displaying images from memory (if you specify a memory address on the command-line, ShowJPG will display an image from the given address provided that the compressed data is smaller than 64KB)
Display-on-the-fly during decompression
Delay after display before ShowJPG exits, this is usefull for easy slide shows
Single small EXE file having only 28KB

New version 2.81 (October 2001) behaves better on Matrox Millenium adapters.

Download English version (21KB)

*Size is measured on uncompressed EXE-files