Do I have to pay for PictView?

No, definitely you do not have to do so. However, if you think that PictView is good and that its support should be continued, you can sponsor its further development. The development may include (but is not limited to) adding support of new formats, extending the current support, adding new features, porting to other systems. We are currently working on versions for MS Windows, supporting also command-line conversion. You can already check beta versions. Commercial 32bit DLL libraries for image decompression and conversion are also provided.

Donating small money amounts is an easy way for you how to thank us.

If you are considering sponsoring PictView, you can send a cheque (check), preferably in EURO, USD, CAD, or AUD (CZK is also very welcome :-)). Wire transfers are also possible, do not hesitate to contact for details. Sending cash in an envelope is quite risky, but also acceptable. I suggest amount of USD 10,- or equivalent, however, upper limits are not given :-) Please make the cheque payable to and send it to the following address:

Jan Patera
Dubecska 12
100 00 Praha 10
Czech Republic

Thank you very much!