PVW32.dll and PVW32Cnv.dll 1.57

PVW32 is a 32bit DLL library that can read and display images in over 50 formats. This DLL exports 17 simple API functions. The DLL can be easily used by third party applications, such as file managers.
PVW32Cnv is a superset of PVW32. In addition to PVW32, it supports conversion to 21 file formats using 3 additional functions.

The functions exported by the two DLLs support:

Download an English demo (490 KB) limited to the end of February 2011. This package contains both DLLs, headers, all samples, and detailed description of the API in form of a Windows help file.
License conditions: Unlike most of the other products at this site, this is not freeware, but a commercial product. Possible license to use LZW algorithm is not included. We provide a LZW-free version as well. Please contact us for conditions at sales@pictview.com.

A brief list of exported API functions: